Katana Coaching - Intelligent coaching concepts for banks, executives, sales people and private individuals. Available through on-line sessions (Skype)!

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Bank Coaching

Katana Coaching offers consulting and advisory for private bankers and wealth management professionals. Our implementation, guidance and coaching process is based on first source market experiences leading into change management strategies for banks, asset managers and their employees. We will increase capabilities and know-how for the financial services industry in order to create “winning edge strategies“ versus the competition. Katana Coaching, defines and implements structures for banks, based on the latest requirements and ever changing environments of private banking & wealth management. Together with our clients and their private bankers, we deliver result oriented and combined efforts leading towards awarding changes.

For private bankers:

  • Building a sustainable and productive client pipeline
  • Structuring and leading consistent retention strategies
  • Professional fundamentals for building customer relationships
  • Influencing client decisions
  • Originating client referrals


For banks:

  • Retaining the best people (identifying process for top performers)
  • Motivating private bankers and team leaders to change their habits
  • Redefining private bankers for either hunting or farming and measure their success
  • Implementing budget processes & change management strategies actively
  • Finding additional sources for income streams


Furthermore, Katana Coaching consults and coaches on certain pre-defined topics, such as: Why private bankers are leaving an organization (not because of compensation but because they do not see a clear career trajectory or feel that the organization values them). Katana Coaching also helps to replicate attributes of existing high performers, as we realized that capable private bankers exhibit high emotional intelligence and obtain the ability to motivate clients to take action. We at Katana Coaching manage first source experiences on the attributes of current high-performers within a banking organization and develop the profile of the ideal candidate, in order to seek to replicate those qualities across the private banking department. Katana Coaching also engages in accelerating integration into the organization because we have observed that most onboarding programs fail to provide new advisors with the network-building opportunities and coaching that are crucial to productivity. Katana Coaching is a coaching and consulting company, deriving from professional private bankers who are actively working in the business, able to perform a long enough track-record. For further information on Katana Coaching, their services or price schedule, please contact: Mr. Andy Aeschbach