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Our consulting concept consists of various techniques we learned “on-the-job“ which none of them can be studied in any university or theoretical workshop. We offer “no-nonsense strategies“ which can be successfully implemented into daily business.

What we do?

Successful executives and sales managers spend more time coaching and developing their entire sales team because they have learned that sales coaching is essential in order to generate results. We are also aware that certain work environments don’t allow people to spend much time on supporting their sales professionals and when they do assist them, they don’t coach effectively.

The purpose of our Sales Coaching is to improve your ability to coach, develop and motivate individual sales professionals and your collective sales team. Managers learn what to coach (setting realistic goals) and how to coach (identifying your coaching style and varying your style for each salesperson).

Because sales managers should vary their coaching approach for different individuals, our philosophy emphasizes how to diagnose each coaching situation. For example, a new sales professional might need coaching on basic selling skills whereas a more experienced salesperson might benefit from assistance on relationship management. This workshop teaches sales leaders a systematic way to prepare and conduct coaching sessions with sales professionals.

Our sales coaching strategy can be customized for your company and primary audience. Katana Coaching provides a full line of customized sales and sales management workshops, offering various trainings and sales coachings in live workshops or online, using Skype or alternative communication tools.

Who should attend?

Every sales person or executive will benefit from our sales coaching workshops. Team leaders will also benefit if they are mentoring sales people or if they expect to be promoted in the near future to department heads or leaders.

  • The Performance Management System for Sales Managers — Learn an overall performance management system for sales managers, including common coaching mistakes and why salespeople don’t always do what you expect.
  • Motivating a Sales Team — Learn practical tips and techniques so that you can use motivators that have been proven to work with sales professionals and sales support personnel.  Learn to also avoid using de-motivators.
  • The Role of the Sales Manager — Understand five distinct sales leadership roles and how to select the specific role that would be most appropriate for each sales professional and coaching situation.
  • Coaching Process and Planning — Improve your ability to plan and conduct effective sales coaching sessions, with emphasis on setting relevant and clear performance expectations and following up to monitor progress.
  • Coaching Styles — Introduction to a leadership model emphasizing there is no universal method for coaching others. Identification of the strengths and shortcomings of your present approach to coaching and counseling.